Sue Fidler Associates offers a range of consultancy services across a broad range of ICT topics including:

Website Planning and Development:
  • web development
  • web audit
  • web specification
  • web tender management
  • web development project management
  • e-commerce
  • e-fundraising
  • e-campaigning
  • e-communications
  • ongoing website management
Email Marketing: Finance System Development:
  • email planning
  • email marketing
  • email service provision
  • e-marketing strategy
  • finance system audit
  • finance system training
  • process review
ICT Development: Database Development:
  • ICT audit
  • Development routemap
  • ICT Statement of Requirements (SOR)
  • ICT tender management
  • ICT project implementation
  • ICT strategy development
  • database audit
  • process review
  • database Specification of Requirements (SOR)
  • database implementation project management
  • database strategy development
Other services:
  • web recruitment support
  • ICT recruitment support
  • database recruitment support


In addition we offer a wide range of seminars, training and development workshops. See Speaking and Training for more information.